PJ Ragone
PJ Ragone
Title: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

PJ Ragone been working as a strength and conditioning coach for the last 10 years.  Ragone is certified through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) and the IYCA (International Youth and Conditioning Association) as well as having a bachelors’ degree in Exercise Science from Rowan University.  He is the Director of the PIT program (Performance Improvement Training) at Inspira Fitness Connection for the last 6 years.  We train kids from the age of 5 all the way through to professionals. Some notable professional athletes that have come through the Pit have been Dwayne Hendricks who has a Super bowl ring with the New York Giants, Darren Fisher who is in the Florida Marlins organization, and Mike Trout American League MVP. 

“PJ is one of the reasons we were able to take a program who won a combined 46 games in the previous seven seasons to winning a 142 games in four seasons.  Our flexibility, strength, toughness and explosiveness has all been developed in the weightroom through PJ’s instruction.  PJ is an integral part of our coaching staff and we are lucky to have his professional level of expertise develop our student-athletes.” – Head Coach Keith Gorman



My training philosophy is 3 fold. First I look at injury prevention and corrective exercises.  As the old saying goes “the best ability is availability” so my number 1 goal is that nobody gets hurt during training. All of my athletes’ foam-roll for muscle tissue quality. Then we static stretch for tissue length and repair. From there we go to a dynamic warm-up for tissue temperature where prepare the body for the workout by doing movement preparation, technical development and corrective exercise through all 3 plane of movement.

The 2nd phase is speed and agility training where I teach all aspects of performance. The Movement skills we focus on are: linear and lateral acceleration, deceleration, multi-directional movement, jumping, cutting, and change of direction. Each component is broken down to proper body alignment, foot placement, body height, balance, and force production.

The 3rd phase is Strength and Power. There are 6 components to the strength program: Hip dominant exercises, knee dominant exercises, pushing, pulling, core strength and stability, and power and explosiveness. The resistance and volume will depend on the whether the athletes are in season or off season. The off season program includes the progressive resistance approach where we use as much resistance we can and do it as many times as we can on any given day. The in season program will consist of the percent volume approach where we take a percentage of the resistance the athlete can do 1 time and use that to determine the total volume.

I believe that using this 3-fold training approach as well as functional anatomy and kinesiology will help every athlete reach their full potential.